Restoration Projects

We are have nearly reached our goal of restoring four of the buildings that reside on our site. Completed so far are the garage, chicken coop, and laundry house. The exterior of our school house is complete.We would like to thank our sponsors who made these restorations possible.

School House Renovation Project

The exterior renovations to our school house have been completed. The school house, which has been on the Mission site since 1960, received significant exterior repairs over the summer and fall of 2016. Below the first photo shows the condition of the school before repairs. The windows were very poor condition, some were missing and boarded over, the siding was rotting, and the shingles also needed to be replaced. The second photo shows the school after renovations with new windows, siding, doors, roofing, and shingles.

Sponsors of the School House Renovation Project

-Alberta Culture and Tourism - Community Facility Enhancement Program

-Lac La Biche County

-MEG Energy

-Access Pipelines

Garage Restoration Project

The restoration to our historical 1947 garage was completed in the fall of 2016 with the installation of new roofing, windows, doors, and siding. The garage now houses a new exhibit showcasing antique tools, garage related items such as antique oil cans and licence plates, farming equipment, photo displays, and much more. See below the condition of the garage before restoration and now that restoration has been completed.

Sponsor of the Garage Restoration Project

-Alberta Historical Resources Foundation

Chicken Coop and Laundry House Restoration Projects

The restoration of the Historical Chicken Coop and Laundry House took place during the winter and spring of 2017. The chicken coop underwent exterior repairs including new shingles, siding, windows and doors. The laundry house underwent primarily interior repairs, in addition to the installation of a new set of exterior stairs and an access ramp, new windows, and replacement of doors. Now that the restoration has been completed on this building, visitors are able to examine a new exhibit in the laundry house consisting of antique washing machines, washboards, and other items relating to its use as a laundry house. In addition, we will examine how the purpose of this building changed throughout its 100 year history from its original use as a laundry house in the early 1900's to a theater house hosting plays in the 1980's. Below you will see what the chicken coop and laundry house looked like prior to restoration, in comparison to what they look like now.

Sponsor of the Chicken Coop and Laundry House Restoration Projects

-Parks Canada